Hello, over the last 11 years I have built an extensive network of reliable professionals.  This has enabled me to become very good at building and managing teams to get projects done to the highest standard, in a efficient and cost effective manner.  Everything is quality controlled through myself to ensure the best interests of the client. I do not have typical office upkeep, this keeps the overheads low and enables me to offer extremely competitive rates.

If you are a Property Investor wanting to get your property to market quickly but need a team of reliable contractors I can assist with that.  I have individuals and teams set up in place to not only build a house from the ground up but also to create stunning photo realistic imagery to help pre-sell your property as the build teams are hard at work.  This kind of overlap and efficiency can shave months off the turnaround time saving you on increasing costs and is a commonly used business model in large development companies and among professional investors.

If you are a Design Company or Individual who either struggles to create engaging renders or hates the headache of finding competent, reliable agency’s/freelancers then I can help you there.  Over the years I have worked alongside many fantastic artists and have already filtered through a mountain of freelancers to make sure that I can always rely on my team to achieve the highest standards.  Something that sets me aside from your typical visualisation studios is that my teams more often than not comprise of professional artists working in major film and game studios.  This means that they are used to working under extremely tight deadlines, delivering work of the highest standard.  I also liaise with these artists to discuss the best route to go on a project given time and budget. Providing valuable feedback to the client so they can make an informed decision on how to proceed and further plan their projects.

If you are a Student, Educational Institution or Company looking to expand your knowledge in visual effects and animation for either yourself, your staff or students then look no further.  A portion of my network have a legitimate interest in helping others learn there craft.  Many of them have received mentorship or attended professional class’s to better their knowledge and continue their professional development.  So you if you fancy learning the tricks from the artists behind films like Iron Man, Finding Nemo, Avatar and alike give me a call!

These are just a few examples, if you have a project that needs doing give me a call and lets make it happen.